We are thrilled to announce the 19th annual Walker Hymn Sing will take place on Saturday, June 15th. Learn More

What’s the catch? How long do I have to listen to a lawnmower sales pitch?

Our company has been blessed, and we consider it an even greater blessing to be able to open our property to host an event of this nature. During your time here, there will be no talk of lawn mowers, no sales pitches, nothing but congregational singing and fellowship.

Do I have to sing well?

Definitely not. This event will bring together people of all ages, vocal ranges and talent levels. The beauty of congregational singing is that everyone participates and sings their own “joyful noise”. During this time of gathering and singing, we trust the Lord will give you a blessed peace, fill you with His presence and strengthen your faith as often happens when singing these wonderful hymns.

Will there only be hymns? What about contemporary music?

The format we have chosen for this event is to sing traditional hymns using traditional accompaniment. We want to make it clear that with this event we are not looking to diminish the progress of contemporary worship and the singing of new praise music with modern musical styles. Actually, these days, the churches many of us attend use a blend of hymns and praise choruses for worship services which has blessed people of all ages. God has given gifts to many people in this area–who we believe are using them to further His kingdom.

What else do I need to know?

  1. The event is a large, outdoor event and is therefore subject to adverse weather conditions. In rare cases, the event may be cancelled if lightning, hail, or other extreme weather events are present or threatening at the time of the event. If weather is forecast that will clearly threaten the event, notice will be provided on this website by 12:00pm (noon) on the day of event.
  2. This event is for everyone who would like to sing or listen to hymns. Even if you are not familiar with this type of music you may enjoy it.
  3. The event is completely handicap accessible and there will also be handicap parking and restrooms.
  4. In consideration of West Nile Virus, the entire property will be sprayed for mosquitoes, and we will also pass out individual repellent packets. We would, however, suggest bringing your own repellent just to be safe.
  5. Portable restrooms and water stations will be available throughout the event.
  6. Come prepared to praise the Lord and be blessed!